Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Islamic prayer times into your google calender

Creating the pray calendar: 
  1. Go to http://praytimes-ics.appspot.com/
  2. Click the settings, and type in your location, example "Sydney Australia", this is a java script,
  3. Click done and check the resulting settings,
  4. The iCalendar Feed Link points to a created calendar, Copy the link URL example: http://praytimes-ics.appspot.com/praytimes.ics?l=Sydney+Australia&x=-33.767&y=150.729&z=600&s=0&s=0
Inserting the calendar into google calendar:
  1. Open your google calendar,
  2. Create a new calendar by clicking Add on the left panel under "My calendars",
  3. Click Add under the "Other calendars" click on "Add by URL" option,
  4. Paste the iCalendar Feed Link into the URL, and click "Add Calendar",
  5. You need to wait a few hours for the data to be uploaded and presented in your google calendar.
From here you can further complete this upload into your mobile phone (Like the HTC) by following the instructions provided in an earlier post in this blog.

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